Womble EasyDVD Commercial License

Womble EasyDVD Commercial License

Thank you for choosing Womble EasyDVD. Womble EasyDVD is a DVD...

Thank you for choosing Womble EasyDVD. Womble EasyDVD is a DVD authoring tool that makes DVD authoring as simple, quick, and intuitive as possible.

With a six step work-flow, you will be able to create your own DVD with just a few mouse clicks, without ever reading the Help document. EasyDVD combines Womble's smart rendering technology for MPEG-2 video and an extensive and flexible menu template support, it will appeal to users of all levels, from novice to seasoned professional.

The main features of Womble EasyDVD are:* Intuitive Use InterfaceA simple six step work-flow will walk you through the whole DVD authoring process with ease and flexibility.

* Multiple Movies SupportEasyDVD allows you to create a DVD with multiple titles, not just chapters: you can even combine multiple DVDs into a single DVD.

* Time saver and video quality preserverWith our smart rendering technology in MPEG-2 video, you can quickly convert MPEG-2 video files into a DVD movie with minimal video re-encoding.

* Full AC-3 audio encoder supportEasyDVD is capable of processing 5. 1 channel sorround audio stream with fully licensed Dolby AC-3 encoder. * Creative Playback ControlsFirst Play lets you play an introductory video before the menu displays; End Action helps you tell different stories with the same video content.

* Professtional-Looking MenuEasyDVD provides you an extensible menu template support; it makes DVD menu authoring with ease and flexibility. * Real-Time Video PreviewAllow you to do a final check without outputting to the hard drive or DVD.

* Burn with a built-in DVD burnerThe built-in burner allows you to easily burn your exported DVD folder onto a DVD disc - no extra software required.

Womble EasyDVD Commercial License


Womble EasyDVD Commercial License

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    by JIMMY-Z

    "spot on! It is the only no-nonsense easy to use ultra cool dvd authorer out"

    spot on! It is the only no nonsense easy to use ultra cool dvd authorer out there since the seath od dazzle dvd! USE ...   More.